martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

Justified, en un tiroteo de citas

En efecto... andan los críticos muy contritos con el final de Mad Men... Se la regalo: yo ando desesperado con otra serie cuyo desenlace se avecina.

A falta de tres capítulos, os dejo un cargador de citas como balas (y ya vendré a llorar mi glosa cuando definitivamente se acabe):

-Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes". (Raylan)

-If I start counting down from ten, I may lose my patience at five. (Ava)

-I've learned to think without arguing with myself. (Boyd)

-So, that is your daughter. I thought it was a random Internet baby. (Tim)

-Raylan: Dewey once told me he worked at Disney World as Goofy skiing in a water show.
Tim: Well sometimes people peak too early.

-Death will not be the end of your suffering. (Boyd)

-I'll kill four of you before you even clear your weapons, and I'll take my chances with the other two. And you see this star? That's gonna make it legal. (Raylan)

-You the type of fella that walks under a flock of birds and is surprised when he ends up with shit on his face? (Raylan)

-Lindsey: How's that song go? Look for the rainbow in every storm?
-Raylan: I'll have to download that.

-I saved your soul. Remember? Not God, or Jesus Christ, me and my shotgun.

-Layla: I can't believe you shot me.
-Raylan: I can't believe it either.

-You know what they say, getting old ain't for pussies. (Raylan)

-Boyd: You asking me? Or are you telling me?
-Raylan: If it makes you feel better you can tell people I asked.

-You pick the devil you run with. (Mags)

-If you run, I'm gonna put a bullet in that tank. You remember the end of Jaws. (Art)

-Raylan: You think he was telling the truth?
-Art: Well he's a bank robber Raylan, why would he lie to me?

-Raylan: You find out where he stashed my money, give me a call.
-Helen: I find out where he stashed the money, I'm heading for Mexico.

-That's my bottle. I'm not going to let you drink it all just because your daddy didn't hug you much when you were little. (Art)

-Raylan Givens: When did ya get married?
-Karen Goodall: Two months before I got divorced.

-I figure people have a right to their hobbies and I have a right to find those people creepy. (Raylan)

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